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Do you want a change in your life? Do you feel that your house is old and boring? Has your place been damaged?

We offer house renovations for all parts of a house, including extensions, makeovers, tinkering, waterproofing and thermal insulation. We work on full Cyprus house renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations, house rearrangements for disabled people or people with dwarfism, house extensions, loft and basement conversions, and many more.

Our talented designers will listen to your needs, wishes and ideas and will work closely with you to come up with a design tailored to your requirements. We aim to create a design that is both beautiful and practical for you.

We work with professional suppliers and contractors that have experience in Cyprus house renovations to give you the best results and high-quality materials. The result will be exactly as discussed during our meetings with quality finishing.

Here you can learn more about the obvious indications and signs that you need a house renovation.

Cyprus House Renovations


People come to us for many reasons. Some just want their house painted, some want it fully renovated and others want to convert a room. In any case, we have a long list of services for our customers to choose from.


Full House Renovation

We offer full house renovations for people who wish to change most parts or every part of their house. Cyprus house renovations are very popular as people some years ago used to build houses following specific styles even if they didn’t really like them.

Moreover, with the new building techniques, the modern designs and the opportunity for increased energy efficiency, a full house renovation is very appealing.

full house renovation

Room Conversion

Do you have a spare room in your house that no one uses?

We can completely transform it into a new room which you can enjoy and use as you want. Room conversions in Cyprus increase living spaces by changing an unused room into a functional space.

room conversion

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is one of the most common types of house renovation in Cyprus. A bathroom renovation can give your house the change it needs.

Homeowners usually decide to renovate their bathrooms to make them more functional, stylish, modern and hygienic.

Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is very popular in Cyprus and it can completely change the look and aesthetic of a house. As the part of the house that is used the most and is where the family spends a lot of time, a kitchen renovation is usually much needed.

bathroom renovation

Extensions & Enclosures

Is your family getting bigger? Have you always wanted more space? Don’t let your house limit your activities. Extend your house and enjoy an extra room or rooms and much more space for you and your loved ones.

We offer house extensions as well as enclosures to create more living spaces for you. We can extent any part of your house or enclose a patio or porch to offer you that extra room you need.

full house renovation

Thermal Insulation & Waterproofing

Everyone loves a warm house in the winter and a cool house in the summer. That is why thermal insulation is very important. It is beneficial for many reasons other than keeping a house warm or cool. Thermal insulation and waterproofing can prevent humidity, mold and moisture, thus positively contributing to human health.

thermal and waterproofing

Flooring Replacement

A Cyprus home renovation also includes flooring replacement. A new floor can completely change the look of a room or house. You can choose any kind of flooring and our experienced staff can place it with care so it looks perfect.

floor replacement

House Painting

We offer interior and exterior painting whether you renovate your house with us or not. Painting is not just a matter of decoration and beauty, but also practicality and protection.

house painting

House Remodeling

House remodeling is one of the most fulfilling services we provide. Remodeling and adjusting someone’s house to their needs, and knowing that we are the reason their life and everyday routine is easier and more comfortable is a blessing.

house remodeling for people on a wheelchair

Doors & Windows

House renovation also includes the replacement of doors and windows for a safer, more appealing and more energy-efficient house. A full house renovation usually includes the replacement of doors and windows as well.

doors and windows

Plasterboard Construction

The construction of walls, ceilings, decorative elements, partitions and more using plasterboard is very popular and especially during house renovations in Cyprus. Choosing to use drywall for your house renovation comes along with various benefits.

plasterboard construction

Home Renovations

full house renovation

Full house renovation in Nicosia

rear extension

Full house renovation and rear extension

home gym

Loft conversion into a gym

studio apartment

Loft conversion into a studio apartment

Our Team

Our renovation team consists of professional and experienced architects, designers, builders and project managers who can guide you throughout your renovation journey and assist you with anything you might need. Every member of the team respects each project and works towards the best result.

The designers’ team is always happy to listen to your thoughts about your Cyprus home renovation. Whether you have ideas of your own or feel lost between styles and materials, we’ve got you covered. Our designers can create a design for any style. Whether you want a vintage, modern, contemporary, rural, or any other style, our team can make your dream come true. We want to provide you with a house renovation that suits your style, makes you feel at home and is also ergonomic and fits its purpose.

our work team

Cyprus House Renovations Before and After

before and after

Full house renovation in Nicosia, Cyprus

before and after

Home renovation in Limassol, Cyprus

before and after

Bathroom renovation

before and after

Kitchen renovation

before and after

Full house renovation

before and after

Bathroom renovations


window renovation
Maximizing Natural Light in Cypriot Homes During Renovation

The island with abundant sunshine that is called Cyprus, offers fantastic opportunities when it comes to using natural light to brighten up your home. By doing that, you ensure that your energy costs will be reduced. In the following article you will be able to learn about effective techniques and architectural changes to maximize natural light in your home during a renovation.

lighting tips
Lighting Tips and Tricks for Your Cyprus House Renovation

Lighting, it’s extremely crucial when renovating your home. It enhances the proper atmosphere and functionality for each area of the home. Lighting can transform your living environment. In this blog post you can learn more information about ways you can effectively transform the lighting of your space during a renovation.

Luxury Living: Elevating Your Cyprus Home Renovation with High-End Finishes

If you are looking to renovate your home there are so many possibilities awaiting. Transforming your living space into a beautiful and luxurious new space will elevate your mood and the value of your home. So get in contact with Cyprus House Renovations and learn more information about our services.



We needed a full house renovation in Cyprus for a property we bought in Nicosia so that we can rent it out while we are away. We are so pleased we found these guys. Everyone was very helpful, and we also had some meetings online because we couldn’t be in Cyprus. They helped us with the designs, and the choice of materials and the result is perfect. My Cyprus home renovation experience was very enjoyable.


When I first decided that I would transform my basement into a game room this is not what I was expecting. The basement is completely different, as it is not the same one. Now, we all have a reason to spend time there playing snooker, board games or watching movies.


Renovating my parents’ 46 years old house was enjoyable thanks to Cyprus house renovations. They were professional, on time and they delivered what we asked for. All the materials used are high-quality and the overall result is just wow. Modern, stylish, luxurious yet comfortable and ergonomic. I am very pleased with the renovation and very thankful to the whole team.


Excellent service, super helpful staff and very talented architects and designers. My kitchen renovation went smoothly, the team assisted me throughout the process and gave me advice on things I knew nothing about. I love my new kitchen, is so beautiful and practical.


How many months will my Cyprus home renovation take?

Every project is different and unique. Therefore, there is no specific timeframe for a house renovation as everything depends on what the client wants, the size of the house and the number of rooms, the materials to be used and any unexpected delays that are out of our control like a pandemic or natural disasters that can keep us out of work.

Is it necessary for me to leave my property while the renovation is taking place?

This depends on the extent and nature of the project and the work being carried out at each step. In some cases, the residents of a house or apartment need to stay somewhere else, especially during extensive renovations that involve major structural changes.

Will the renovation process be noisy?

All construction works are usually noisy. Sometimes the noise will be less than other times based on what we work on and the machines we use. Of course, we will try to inform you of the times that we expect more noise beforehand so that you can schedule your day accordingly.

How much will my Cyprus home renovation cost?

Cyprus House Renovations don’t have a fixed price. The total amount is based on what needs to be done, the materials and furniture you will choose, whether you want walls demolished or not and many other factors.

Do you offer post-renovation support and maintenance services?

Yes, our services do not stop once your renovation project in Cyprus is complete. We are here to assist you with post-renovation support work. We can provide you with minor adjustments or repairs that may be needed after the completion of the project to ensure that you have the results that you wanted.

Why is thermal insulation important?

Thermal insulation keeps a house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Therefore, it is also a way of saving on heating and air-conditioning. Thermal insulation also prevents health issues related to mold and humidity. Another benefit is that the panels used can have fire resistance properties. The installation of thermal insulation increases the value of a property as buyers nowadays search with houses that have thermal insulation installed.

Can you help with design and layout planning for my renovation project?

Of course. Our team of experienced designers can assist you with the design and layout planning for your renovation project. Whether you have some ideas of what you want or need guidance in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, our designers will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and provide you the best design and layout for your needs.

Do you handle all aspects of the renovation, including plumbing and electrical work?

Yes, we provide comprehensive renovation services in Cyprus that cover all aspects of a renovation project, including plumbing and electrical work. Our team consists of experienced professionals of various fields who are experts in handling a wide range of renovation tasks.

What are the most common tasks in a home renovation?

Home renovations, involve plenty of tasks both for the exterior as well as the interior of the house.

Some of the most common interior renovation processes are the following: painting, plumbing, electrical works, window replacement, insulation, security systems and floor replacement.

Some of the most common exterior renovation processes are the following: plastering, damage repair, external thermal/roof insulation, gardening & landscaping.

What renovations can you do in a rental house?

Living in a rental house/apartment, has some restrictions when it comes to renovating. There are some minor renovation tasks that can be done easily in a rental.

These include:

– Painting

– Change of lightning

– Wallpaper installation

– Installation of a boiler

Please note that for whatever major renovations you might want, you will need the approval of the owner. However, even for minor renovations, it is always best advised to talk to your landlord beforehand.