Door and Window Replacement in Cyprus

The replacement of old doors and windows goes hand in hand with a full house renovation or thermal insulation. Replacing doors and windows has many benefits and that is why people nowadays choose to replace their doors and windows even without having a renovation.

We collaborate with top window and door manufacturers to provide you with high-quality products.

doors and windows replacement in cyprus

Door and Window Replacement in Cyprus

window replacement

Project: Window replacement


  • Remove old window parts
  • Install new window and secure it
  • Seal around the window
  • Install new trim around the window
door replacement

Project: Door replacement


  • Remove old door
  • Install new door
  • Seal around the door
  • Install the handle and lock
  • Install a new trim

New, modern and technologically advanced doors and windows offer:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Sound insulation
  • More natural light
  • Increased property value