The Use of Plasterboard for Your Home or Office in Cyprus

the use of plasterboard for your home or office in cyprus

Plasterboards are also called drywall. A wall made without water and no need for drying time. Plasterboard is created with gypsum paste and two external layers of cardboard. It is used mainly for not just walls but also ceilings. In this blog post, you can learn more information about the use of plasterboard for your home or office in Cyprus.

Types of Plasterboard

Plasterboards come in many types. A few examples are moisture-resistant, fire-resistant and soundproof. Plasterboards are not made initially on their own as resistant to fire, noise and moisture. They are made as such. These properties are enhanced with multiple boards and layers. They are ideal for rooms/ areas with high dampness levels (e.g. kitchen, bathroom), intense noise (e.g. office) and areas with high fire risk.

Flexibility in Design

Due to their formation, they are flexible in design and fast to install, hence why it is so popular in renovations, nowadays. It is easily personalized, having such a seamless and even surface. You can style it any way you like (e.g. paint it or cover it with wallpaper) matching your character and style. It is no coincidence that architects and designers often choose it for their projects.

the use of plasterboard for your home or office in cyprus

Versatility in Shape

Additionally, you can create any shapes and sizes you imagine, due to its cutting ease. The material that plasterboards are created from is very soft allowing taking many forms (e.g. curves etc.). They can be easily carved, fitted and secured when installed. As a result, you can skip any specific development methods. They are cut without any difficulty, making them a workable material when it comes to work within the walls (e.g. plumbing, wiring etc.).


One of its main advantages is that it is a much cheaper solution than other methods, for installation and repair. The body of the plasterboard is made from gypsum, a relatively inexpensive material. Additionally, the constant production process for its manufacture adds to lower costs. The ease of installation decreases labour costs, as well.


Plasterboards are created in equal sizes which contributes to the reduction of waste. Gypsum can be recycled multiple times, and just like aluminium, it doesn’t affect its nature and quality. Production and manufacturing of plasterboards require low energy and carbon emissions.

Forget long and tiring renovations. Plasterboards are the way to go when planning a renovation. Contact Cyprus House Renovations as soon as possible, to assist you in creating your living or office space.