Upgrading Your Rented Space within the Rental Agreement


Do you want to upgrade your home with a house renovation, but you live in a rented house or flat? There are some changes you can make. There are numerous creative and lease-friendly ways to enhance your rented space without going against any terms.

Temporary Wall Decor:

One of the easiest ways to add stylish decor to your space is through removable wall decor. Choose a wallpaper or art prints that are easy-peel and can easily be taken down without damaging the walls.

Removable Shelves:

If you need more storage or display space but are worried not to damage the walls of your rented house or apartment, use removable shelves. These shelves can be a stylish change to your space while staying within the terms of your lease.

Removable Backsplashes:

Do you feel that the kitchen does not suit your style? Want to elevate your kitchen without making permanent changes? Consider using removable backsplash tiles. You can find backsplashes in the pattern, colour and style you like and apply them without worrying about your security deposit.

Lighting Makeover:

You can transform the ambience and the aesthetic of your home by changing the lighting fixtures to more modern and stylish ones. You can choose from a range of floor lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps and more that can easily be installed and removed without leaving any marks or traces.

Temporary Flooring Solutions:

Do you hate the floor at your rental house or apartment? Since you cannot change the flooring of a rental house, you can choose rugs or carpets of your preference to add and change the look of your floors. This solution adds warmth and texture, and the rugs or carpets can also be easily rolled up without causing any change or damage to the flooring.

One of the drawbacks of renting a house or apartment is the fact that you cannot make a renovation as you would like to. However, there are some changes you can make to transform your rented space while respecting the terms of your lease agreement. The temporary changes mentioned above can make your space look completely different without worrying about damaging your rental house or apartment. Of course, sometimes tenants can make some changes or even a renovation upon agreement with the landlord.